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Xprinter Xp-360b Driver 179 (April-2022)




087 uec7_test: uec7-print-server package is the same hggdh: so there is no possibility for me to install it in a second partition? yes it's that, it's in this package its in packages, uec7-server-drivers-amd, uec7-server-drivers-intel, uec7-server-drivers-msa it's not Pogw: I did not say it was. I said there is no way for you to change it at this point hggdh: what should I do in that case? uec7_test, if you want to reinstall uec7-print-server uec7_test, the name is misleading if the boot partition was resized and you did not backup, you will be in trouble smw, let me do what? uec7_test, reinstall that package smw, I reinstalled it uec7_test, did it work? uec7_test, so, you reinstalled uec7-print-server smw, no, in the past I was able to use it, I didn't reboot Pogw: I am not sure what will happen. It would be a good idea to backup all data, and to unplug/disconnect all devices before you are 'asking for help' uec7_test, I would suggest rebooting to make sure the changes to /etc/udev/rules.d/70-local.rules will take effect. uec7_test, this is your issue uec7_test, some people use that. hggdh: thank you very much for your time! uec7_test, I would like




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Xprinter Xp-360b Driver 179 (April-2022)
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